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Favre means never having to say you beat the Cowboys in Dallas

Ridenour Genealogy and Cherokee Genealogies/History (pictures)
Genealogies include Barbee, Berryman, Boudinot, Burgess, Doyen, Glausier, Heiman, Hogan, Horn, Hurst, Jesus Christ, Jett, Joines, Jones, McClelland, McNeir, Northrup/Northrop, Paschal, Polson, Ridenour (Reitenauer), Ridge, Seago (Sego), Singleton, Smith, Washbourne, and Watie

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American History

Declaration of Independence
Signers of the Declaration
Founding Fathers
Gettysburg Address
Star Spangled Banner [all four verses]


Photographs I
Photographs II
Photographs III

Dottie's actress sister Desi Doyen Updated 1/2006
Dottie's Six Sisters
Paul's Dad turned 70 on 9/16/2006
Paul's Mom turned 70 on 10/09/2006

Family Christmas Letters

Making fun of those "Our family is perfect" Christmas letters

Ridenour Christmas Letter 2000  Word format 2000
Ridenour Christmas Letter 2002  Word format 2002
Ridenour Christmas Letter 2003  Word format 2003
Ridenour Christmas Letter 2004  Word format 2004

Ridenour Christmas Holiday Letter 2005 Word format 2005
Ridenour Christmas Letter 2008 Word format 2008

Ridenour Christmas Letter 2011 Word format 2011


Lone Star Park 2007
Lone Star Park 2008
People I Am Looking For
Mt. Tabor Cemetery - Paul rediscovered lost Cherokee cemetery near Kilgore, Texas

In Memory of Kenneth Nance [3/4/1960 - 4/22/2003]
A Republican at a Barack Obama Rally, Dallas, Texas, 2008

Dottie's brother John Doyen and now ex-wife Angie on the cable TV show "Trading Spaces"
The show aired on 5/8/2002 (The Learning Channel) [Includes Dallas Morning News article 4/3/2002 and Washington Post article 4/7/2002]

Dallas Morning News Article, May 2, 1998 [Paul and his 1978 Prom]
Our Cats [1982 - present]
Paul's brother David's Website [satire]
Bryan Adams 1978 High School Graduate Email Addresses [Bryan Adams 1978 30th Reunion / Skyline High 1978 30th Reunion]

Dottie 2003                Paul, Dottie, and Bo - Christmas 2003     Dottie's actress sister Desi Doyen


Never teach a pig to sing.  It is a waste of time and annoys the pig.

Paul's 19-Day Trip to Communist Russia in 1991 with the Band Sound Theology
Local Dallas area singer Marya [pictures/demo]
2001 Cass County Wildflower Festival (pictures) Parade Grand Marshall Don Henley of the Eagles

Sheryl Crow
Guitarist Joe Satriani

Concert Reviews

Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Elton John, Amy Grant, Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay, Tom Petty, A Hard Night's Day,
Larry Coryell [Dottie's first cousin once removed], and more

Paul Ridenour Photography


Paul's Photography

"Reminiscence - A Book of Poetry" by J. C. Justice, featuring Paul's photographs
To order -
Jana Justice's webpage

Texas Wildflowers 2003
Houston Press Online publishes Paul's Don Henley photograph 2004
Texas Wildflowers 2005
Dallas Blooms at The Arboretum 2006
Ennis Bluebonnet Trails 2007

Published Articles

Paul and Dottie's Published Articles/Photographs
aul's Articles on World Religions and the New Age

Dottie Ridenour's article on the Mt. Tabor Cemetery for The Goingsnake Messenger
Email Glenita
None Left Behind:
The Rediscovery of a Native American Cemetery

Goingsnake District Heritage Association
Volume XXII, Number 2, 2005

Dottie's article about her 3rd great Cherokee grandmother Sarah Ridge [Word format]
Toumbes-Venable Cemetery: Article by Paul at 
Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, Edgewood, Texas
(In 2000, Paul found lost grave/cemetery of his 3rd great grandmother Nancy Joines)

Vacations [and Road Trips]
Paris (not Texas), Nova Scotia, Big Bend, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Vegas, St. Thomas, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, etc.

Cherokee History/Genealogies

Genealogy and History of Cherokee Chief Major Ridge to the McNeir Family (pictures)
Major Ridge was Dottie's 4th great grandfather on her mother's side
Includes genealogies on the Ridge, Northrup/Northrop, Watie, Boudinot, Washbourne, Polson, Paschal, and McNeir families
Plus a section on "Cherokees in Texas" [Chief Bowles, Richard Fields, and the Mt. Tabor Cemetery]

Major Ridge-Elias Boudinot-John Ridge-Stand Watie
(GIF created by Dottie)

"Oblivion's Altar" - Historical fiction novel about Major Ridge by award winning author David Marion Wilkinson
2003 SPUR AWARD WINNER, BEST ORIGINAL PAPERBACK, Published November 2002, Purchase at

Dottie is mentioned in the Author's Notes and Acknowledgments, pages 369 and 375

Dottie's Family Genealogies

The Doyen Family Tree (pictures) Dottie's father's family [Beginning with Dottie's 3rd great grandparents]
The Doyen Family Reunion [Rosevine, TX, 4/21/2002] Includes pictures from the Rosevine Cemetery and Miller Cemetery
The Berryman Family [Dottie's father's mother's family - Beginning with Dottie's 2nd great grandparents]

The Berryman Reunion 2005

The Burgess Family [Beginning with Dottie's 10th great grandparents, 1590]
The Heiman Family [Beginning with Dottie's 4th great grandparents]
The Hogan Family [Beginning with Dottie's 5th great grandparents]

Paul's Family Genealogies

A Quick Genealogy of the Ridenour Family (pictures) from Germany to Texas, beginning with Paul's 9th great grandparents, circa 1586
Download "Ancestors Are Forever" Melvin O. Ridenour's "Ridenour" Database [1.7 MB zipped/5.1 MB unzipped] Updated 01/2003
Email me for a copy of "Reitenauer Immigrants: The Early Years" by Mona McCown and Nona Harwell

Toumbes-Venable Cemetery: Article by Paul at Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, Edgewood, Texas
(In 2000, Paul found lost grave/cemetery of his 3rd great grandmother Nancy Joines)

Toumbes-Venable Cemetery (pictures) [Cemetery included in Graveyards of Van Zandt County, TX, Volume E, 2001]

Paul's mother Mary Alice (Joines) Ridenour's father's family - Joines (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 4th great grandfather]
Mary Alice (Joines) Ridenour's mother's family - Hurst (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 10th great grandparents, includes McClellans]
Mary Alice (Joines) Ridenour's grandmother Ella Barbee (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 5th great grandparents]
The Jett Family Genealogy (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 9th great grandfather]
The Jones Family Genealogy (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 5th great grandfather]
The Horn Family Genealogy (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 2nd great grandparents]
The Brown, Birmingham, Seago (Sego), Glausier, Smith, Singleton, Grubb, Ridenour Family (pictures)
[Paul's grandmother on his dad's side - Beginning with Paul's 11th great grandparents - 1587]
The Bent Family Genealogy (pictures) [Beginning with Paul's 9th great grandparents]

Miscellaneous Family Genealogies

Malone Family [a friend]
Sisco Family [a friend]
Watkins Family [a friend]
Bruner Family [a friend]
Berghane/Horner Family [mother-in-law]
Sanders Family [a friend]
Godi Family [a friend]
Roe Family [a friend]
Murray Dennany Family [a friend]


Genealogy of Jesus Christ and the Twelve Tribes of Israel [Best viewed with Office 2000]
What's in a Name? Adam to Noah [Best viewed with Office 2000]

"The Passion of the Christ" What happened after the Resurrection?


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