and Motley Crue

7:30 PM
Dallas, Texas

Concert Review by Paul Ridenour

Concert review still under construction

I went to the concert to hear Aerosmith, not Motley Crue. 

The legendary Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx were there.  I was not sure if Tommy was going to be there.  What can I say about Motley Crue?  Well, I have never liked them.  I once did a Bible class or satanic rock bands and Motley Crue was up there with other bands like Blue Oyster Cult.  We discussed whether or not some of these bands use the devil to get popular or if they are really into it.  On Shout At The Devil, Motley Crue had a film showing fire, Satan, and Jesus Christ on an upside cross.  As a Christian, it was very offensive, however, it is what I expected and like I said, I was not there to see Motley Crue.  Occasionally, they flashed pictures of Satan and George Bush. They did put on a good show with some fantastic lighting and lots of fire.  Reminded me on the Creed concert.  The only difference, Creed was good and Crue sucked. Lead singer Vince Neil tried to scream like he did in the 1980s but he came off like a little girl.  They had a couple of skanky women on stage and they used the F word more than any other word.  Tommy Lee will never have it as good as when he was with Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

They reminded me of school boys.  It seems that women are just meat to Motley Crue.  I do not think I could stomach them again,  Perhaps I could if they opened for Led Zeppelin.

Steve Tyler can still scream and sing the high notes.  They sounded better this time than last time - www.paulridenour.com/aerosmith.htm

Motley Crue Set List

Dr. Feelgood
Shout At The Devil
Wild Side
Looks That Kill
Live Wire
Same O'l Situation (S.O.S.)
Home Sweet Home
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Louder Than Hell
Sick Love Song
Primal Scream
Girls, Girls, Girls
Kickstart My Heart

Aerosmith Set List

Toys In The Attic
Walkin' The Dog
Eat The Rich
What It Takes
Baby, Please Don't Go
Stop Messin' Around
Hangman Jury
Seasons Of Wither
Dream On
Devil's Got A New Disguise
One Way Street
Sweet Emotion
Draw The Line


Walk This Way

Motley Crue


Dream On