Bluebonnet Road Trip
March 30, 2009

South 362 off 105, east of Navasota, Texas

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My mom Mary Alice Ridenour took Monday off so that she, her sister Kathleen Graves, and I could go on a road trip to south Texas to see the Bluebonnets.

The three of us have been on several road trips together but I have never written about them.  One of them that we do every year is go see the Bald Eagles east of Llano, Texas.  Here are photos from our March 2, 2009 road trip:

Mom and two eaglings - the nest is 130 yards south off State Highway 29, eight miles east of Llano, Texas

All four - the male eagle leaving to get more food in and around the Llano River

The specific area where we wanted to see the Bluebonnets was south on 362, which is off 105, just about seven miles east of Navasota, Texas.

Kathleen and mom picked me up at 7:20 AM and we went to McDonalds in Rockwall, Texas, for breakfast.  Kathleen said we should be in College Station about noon and we would have lunch.  You never know with my mom and aunt, they may want to eat earlier than noon.  I decided that if we were going to be there at noon, perhaps Aggie Paige Daniel could meet us for lunch.  I sent her a text and she said she could.

We arrived in College Station about 11:40 and went to the Cotton Patch.  Paige and her boyfriend [Can I say that?] Nelson were not quite ready.  They showed  up just about the time we were done eating.  We were hungry and we had to order and eat so we could get on down the road.  It was great seeing Paige and meeting Nelson.  They ate lunch after we left.

Navasota is only about 18 miles south of College Station.  The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes off 362 were awesome.  I think I got some good pics.  I liked the ones with the white church - Salem Lutheran Church.

Afterwards, we went to Brenham to the Blue Bell Creamery to get some ice cream.  Not sure why they call those flowers in the area Blue Bells, since they are purple.  My dad, who is about as exciting as a wet noodle, would go to a place like that and get vanilla.  How boring is that!  I am thinking Rocky Road and German Chocolate.  I was surprised that Blue Bell does not make German Chocolate anymore.  So, I had Rocky Road.  They had a pretty good country store and I bought a couple of things.

Blue Bell photo from another road trip - as you can see, they are purple

We shopped a little bit in downtown Brenham which had a bunch of Easter egg cutouts all around the courthouse.

Kathleen Graves

Taking a photo of Kathleen taking photos

Paige and some guy she just met

"The hills are alive, with the flowers of Bluebonnets"

How Bluebonnets see Paintbrushes

Salem Lutheran Church

Mom and sister

Photo by Kathleen Graves

Hay, look at that!

Blue Bell Creamery

Blue Bell founders E. F. Kruse and sons Ed [center] and Howard [right]

And the Lord said, "Build it here.  And if you build it, they will come."

Easter Egg cutout with "He is risen from the dead and he is Lord" at the courthouse.  I like that.  I doubt the ACLU will like it.

Here is an egg with three crosses

Historic building in downtown Brenham that has an old elevator