The Bent Family

by Paul Ridenour

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Created 10/20/2010
Updated 10/2/2017

John Bent married (1596 Penton-Crofton, England - 9/27/1672 Southampton, MA) married Martha ( - 5/15/1679) in 1624.  With John at age 42, they came to America on a ship called "Confidence" out of Southampton to Sudbury, MA [9th great grandparents]

son Peter Bent (4/1629 Penton-Crofton, England - 5/1/1678) married Elizabeth
Peter and his father and 11 others layed out of the town of Marlboro which was destroyed by the Indians on 3/26/1656
. [8th great grandparents]

son Hopestill Bent (1/17/1672 Marlboro, MA - 8/18/1725 Sudbury, MA) married Elizabeth Brown (3/17/1678 - ) on 11/27/1700.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Major Thomas Brown, of Sudbury, and was born March 17, 1678. Hopestill saw service in King William's War in 1690. [7th great grandparents]

son Elijah Bent (8/15/1713 Sudbury, MA - 5/2/1797 Barre, MA) married Susannah Stone (4/24/1720 - 7/3/1801 Barre, MA).  He kept an inn known as the Pequot House. [6th great grandfather]

son Silas Bent [5th great grandfather]


Silas Bent (4/14/1744 Sudbury, MA - 4/4/1818 Belpre, OH) married Mary Carter (3/22/1747 Sudbury MA - 6/10/1831 Belpre, OH) on 6/24/1765 in Sudbury, MA [5th great grandparents]
Silas served in the Revolutionary War.  Private, Rutland, Mass. 
In 1760, from April until December, as a lad of sixteen, he saw service in Capt. Ephraim Jackson's company in Canada in the old French and Indian War.  Silas joined the minutemen immediately after Lexington in 1775 and served throughout the war.  After the War, he became a Lieutenant Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Massachusetts Militia.  Participated in the Boston Tea Party. ["Bent’s Fort” by David Lavender, University of Nebraska Press, copyright 1954, Library of Congress. Page 17, 1st paragraph, Chapter  “The Town on the River.” ]

    Mary Bent (1766 - )
    Judge Silas Bent, Jr. (1768 - ) - J
udge of the Supreme Court of the Missouri Territory and had eleven children

        Charles Bent* (1799 - ) married a Mexican
        [First governor of the Territory of New Mexico -]
        Col. William W. Bent (1909 - ) married Owl Woman [a Cheyenne, daughter of a chief medicine man]

                Charles Bent
                George Bent

        Lucy Bent married James Russell

                Julia Russell
                John Russell
                Charles Silas Russell married Mary Elizabeth Mead

                    Charles Marion Russell [Charles M. Russell] - Cowboy/Western artist

                Russella Russell

    Polly Bent (1769 - )
    Susan Bent (4/21/1771 - 4/5/1865) married Joel Oakes (9/1/1767 - 12/12/1822)
    Abigal Bent (1774 - )
    Persis ? Bent (1775 - )
Nahison ? Bent (1777 - )
    Abner Bent** (9/22/1780 Rutland, Worchester, MA - 7/12/1834 Marion Co., OH)
    married #1
Elizabeth Williams on 1/18/1802
    married #2 Elizabeth Dilley/Dilly/Dille (circa 1784 - 5/1854 Wabash Co., IN) in 1816
    [4th great grandparents]
    Children #2:

        Lincoln Goodale Bent (1818 WV - 1877 IN)
        married Mary Ann Kirts (1/6/1820 MD - 1/2/1895 Wabash Co., IN) in 1841
        [3rd great grandparents]

            Mary Ellen Bent (2/7/1848 IN - 1/21/1889 TX) [Source: 1860 Wabash, IN census]
            married George T. Ridenour (3/28/1845 Wabash, IN - 12/29/1911 Buffalo Gap, TX)
10/17/1867 [2nd great grandparents] [Source: George's military record]

    Dorcas Bent (1782 - ) married W. M. ????
    Daniel Bent (1785 - )
    Charlotte Bent (1787 - )


* Charles Bent, William Bent, and Ceran St. Vrain were the founders of "Bent's Fort"

**Abner Bent was a justice of the peace, well educated, and was held in high esteem by the pioneers who surrounded him. Hr operated a large farm on teh Scioto River in Marion County, Ohio.


Silas Bent Pension Information