Bonham, Texas

By Paul Ridenour

Saturday started out with eating breakfast with my mom and aunt at McDonalds, then a trip to Wal-Mart, Office Max, Petsmart, and Kroger's.

Dottie wanted a picture of the statue of Alamo hero James Butler Bonham for the DRT scrapbook.

We left for Bonham about 10:45 and drove through Greenville, Wolfe City, and Bailey.

We ate lunch in downtown Bonham at Grace's.  A neat place with all kinds of TV, movie, and music pop culture.  The unisex bathroom is decorated in King Tut era Egyptian style while the song King Tut by Steve Martin is played over and over again.

After lunch, we took pictures of the statue.  I also took pictures of the Confederate statue/monument.  We shopped downtown for awhile and then went to the other sites to see in Bonham - The Sam Rayburn Library and Museum/Archives and Sam Rayburn's home.

Democrat Sam Rayburn was in congress from 1913 to 1961.  He was speaker for the house for 17 years, the longest running speaker.  In the library/museum are items that have been in the US House for 50 years and a fireplace that had been in the White House for 100 years.  He served under eight presidents.

Sam was born number eight out of 11 children.  His oldest sister worked with him in DC his entire career.  He only married once but for a brief while and they had no children.  Like all good Democrats, there are rumors.  Many dignitaries and presidents stayed at his house.

We drove home via Leonard and Celeste.  I have relatives buried in Hogeye at the Hogeye Celeste Cemetery.

James Butler Bonham

Confederate monument

Sam Rayburn Library

Desk and fireplace was in the US House for 50 years

Fireplace was in the White House for 100 years

Sam Rayburn's home

One of his sister's rooms

Sam Rayburn's huge bedroom

One of his sister's rooms

Meeting room

13 rocking chairs in the house

1947 Cadillac Fleetwood