July 21, 2009
7 PM
Dallas, TX

Concert Review
Paul Ridenour

New found friends

The Daniel Family, minus one [photo by Gary Malone's new iPhone]

Gary and Diana

I will see Coldplay every time they come to town and I bought 2 tickets for myself and 2 tickets for Paige Daniel a very long time ago.

I was always going to take one of my nephews. My brother then changed their vacation dates and messed that up. Paige was going with her sister and now I had an extra ticket. I asked Paige if she wanted to take her boyfriend or her father. She decided that her dad would get my extra ticket. My wife wasn't going to go as she has seen Coldplay three times. This would be my forth.

As always, my friend Gary Malone would be sitting somewhere near and a little behind me, with his hot new girlfriend.

In the parking lot, I ran into eight college students. A lot of fun we had before the show and one had never seen anyone that was a member of the NRA. They took pictures of me with them. They were from different colleges across the county and one was Jewish, one or more were Catholic. At 49, I was the age of one of their dads. We are all Facebook friends now.

As usual, Coldplay never disappoints. I was just shocked that the concert started out with hit after hit after hit.

I grew up on the Beatles and a lot of my friends only listen to the old music from the 1960s and 1970s or have joined the dark side and now listen to C&W in their old age. Some of them do not realize how awesome the current music is. Coldplay is one of those bands who will be around for years. They are another U2, only better. Every one of their CDs have been nominated for several Grammy's and they have won Grammy's on three of them - "Parachutes," "A Rush Of Blood To The Head," and "Viva La Vida."

They started out with instrumental Life In Technicolor and I was hoping they would go ahead and sing the words as in Life In Technicolor ii. They did not. I figured we would hear it later in the concert. Then they played Violet Hill, which is a favorite of one of my stalker friends [Bev] who kept going to my MySpace to hear it. Then they did Clocks, In My Place, and Yellow. Crazy doing Clocks and Yellow right off the bat. The laser lights on Clocks were multi-colored, when they are normally green.

Their new CD "Prospekt's March" has a song that I really wanted to hear called Glass of Water. They performed it as their 6th song. As far as I was concerned, that alone was worth the price of the ticket.

As always, they came out into the audience on another small stage and did an acoustic set. The stage was close to us on our right side and they did the acoustic techno versions of God Put A Smile Upon My Face and Talk. Chris was then left by himself on the piano as he played the instrumental Postcards From Far Away. Still by himself, he performed Trouble. Again, that was worth the price of the ticket.

Lights are now out and BAM! VIVA LA VIDA, which won the Grammy for the 2009 Song-of-the-Year.  Such an energetic song. Can I say that that was worth the price of the ticket?

Later on they came back out into the audience at the very back and did acoustic versions of Green Eyes, Song for Dallas Girls and Boys [Chris on Harmonica], and Death Will Never Conquer, sung by Will, the drummer. Chris had everyone get out their cell phones and we did a cell phone wave. And as a tribute to Michael Jackson, Coldplay performed Billy Jean, while the crowd sang the chorus.

When they played Lovers In Japan and flashed "Haiku" on the screen, I couldn't stop thinking about my 1/2 Japanese Ridenour cousin. She would have loved it. The video was showing all of these buildings and places in Tokyo.

For the encore, they did play Life In Technicolor ii, as we were hoping they would.

I would have liked for them to have played Speed of Sound and Square One from the X&Y CD. They have some many great songs and they cannot do them all.

Go out and buy all of their CDs and then see them again next time they come to Dallas.

Dallas Set List

Life in Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Glass of Water
Cemeteries of London
Fix You
Strawberry Hill
God Put A Smile Upon My Face [techno version]
Talk [techno version]
Postcards From Far Away [piano instrumental]
Trouble [Chris on piano only]
Viva La Vida
Green Eyes [acoustic]
Song for Dallas Girls and Boys [Chris on Harmonica]
Death Will Never Conquer [Acoustic, sung by drummer Will]
Billy Jean [Acoustic]
Viva la Vida Interlude Remix (Thin White Duke Mix)
Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends


The Scientist
Life In Technicolor ii
The Escapist [outro]