Cossatot River, AR

By Paul Ridenour

Old Boston Historical Marker [Photo by Charles Steger]
Old Boston is between Boston and New Boston

International Paper Park in New Boston

International Paper Park in New Boston

Jim Bowie monument in New Boston, Bowie County  [the county seat]

Then Texas Governor Mark White and then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton at the 1986 dedication [I'm not a democrat]
Why was Clinton there?  Bowie County is a border county with Arkansas.  "I did not have sex with that woman..."

Mt. Ida Cemetery - on a hill

Which one was issued by the government and which one did a family member have made?  Only government markers use the date of death and not the date of birth.

Jan DeGoeijen (pronounced John De HOO-yen), founder of DeQueen, AR

Trail of Tears mural in downtown DeQueen

The Five Civilized Tribes

Collin Raye's birthplace museum in DeQueen

Trail of Tears historical marker and museum in DeQueen

Overturf Cemetery - home of crystals [somewhere north of DeQueen]

Cemetery church

Quartz/Crystals on a grave

Charles Steger with his Carson and Barnes Circus cap

Cossatot River Visitor Center [somewhere even further north]

A Bleeding Heart? [Cossatot River Visitor Center]

Cossatot River Falls - 25 miles from Mena, Arkansas

75 year old Charles Steger climbing those rocks like he was age 47 and bald

The infamous allergen Texas Thistle or Russian Thistle

Some kind of yellow flower or Yellow Ironweed

Four of the 40 quartz/crystals I brought back

Photos below taken by Charles Steger

Just standing there looking hot I mean being hot in the Mt. Ida Cemetery

Bagging quartz and crystals

I'm enjoying the Cossatot River Falls

Pondering the outcome and results of picosecond dynamics and coherence in isolated molecules
Translation:  What would happen if a single atom was hit with a picosecond laser of light?

Nice photo Charles! The greens are green and the blues are blue.

Yellow Ironweed