Destin, Florida
November 1 - 6, 2010

by Paul Ridenour

Destin's business was off 40% this past summer as the lamestream media told stories of oil all over the beaches.  There was no oil in Destin.  One of our favorite restaurants called the Copper Grill was out of business.  I saw an empty Popeye's.  Other beach attire stores were closing down.

Panama City Beach shopping area

Panama City Beach shopping area

Destin in 1930 - photo in Dewey Destins

What Destin would look like if undeveloped

Photo by Dottie

Holiday Inn - our hotel

From our hotel room

Lizard with some crawfish looking creature

Dewey Destins - best fried shrimp ever!

Dewey Destins' cat

Emerald Coast - green and blue water