Jack's Big Show
Jack FM

Don Henley
with The Pretenders and Stray Cats
Grand Prairie, Texas
7 PM

I forgot that the Stray Cats had a stand-up bass where the bass player stands on his bass.  I also forgot that the drummer stands and has a small drum kit.  These guys played and sang and jumped around on stage as if they were the Stray Cats from the 1980s.  Imagine that!  They put on quite a show.  Probably the best warm-up band I have ever seen except for Lenny Kravitz who opened for Aerosmith.  I was great seeing and hearing Stray Cat Strut and Rock This Town.

I love the Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde and so does my wife.  I've never seen them or the Stray Cats.  The Pretenders put on a great show and did most of their hits.  At one point Chrissie said "This is the place where I offend a bunch of people" where she brought up vegetarianism and asked if anyone was one. Very few raised their hands or yelled out.  For those nutcases, she performed I'll Stand By You.  After that song, she said "What the ____, let's do a song for meat eaters."  Everyone laughed.  They performed Back On The Chain Gang.  She was energetic and awfully skinny, as if she needs to eat some meat.  Songs Brass In Pocket and Don't Get Me Wrong were just great!

I've seen the Eagles six times but have never seen Henley by himself.  He did all of his hits from his first two solo albums.  I was surprised that he did nothing from his Inside Job CD.  He also did some of his Eagles' songs like Hotel California, Witchy Woman, and Life In The Fast Lane.

Don Henley is one of the worst in concerts when it comes to "Shut up and sing" moments and he met my expectations. 

Don opened with Dirty Laundry and said that was his Valentines present to the media.  Then he mentioned with Rupert Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal, "You're going to be getting naked pictures with your Wall Street Journal now."  That is idiotic.  Don wrote Dirty Laundry back in the early 1980s before anyone knew about Fox News and Murdoch.  Then he mentioned Vice President Dick Cheney and sang The End Of The Innocence.  He also did a song he didn't write but thought it was an appropriate song for today - Tears for Fears' Everybody Wants to Rule the World.  Was the crowd impressed with his "shut up and sing" moments?  Not really.  But the songs were great! So Don, shut up and sing!

We just happened to once again be in the $100 seats where all of the derelicts sit.  I was fed up this time by these idiots.  Some of these people should not be allowed to drink beer in public or let out of their cages unsupervised.  I think I am at the point where I may not go to anymore concerts.  For the money I spend, I could buy every CD and more by the artist.  I mean, concerts are supposed to be fun and wild, but not when the artist is singing songs like Desperado while others are "trying" to sing or talk or yellI miss the days of pot smoking when the audience was so stoned that they were not as obnoxious.

I told a fat female slob behind me that I didn't pay $200 to hear her talk the entire night and she got all in my face and sarcastically apologized as I said "I really don't care what you have to say."

One of the high points of the night besides the music was a nice couple who sat next to us.  The lady had a Texas-styled purse which my wife loved.  She told us that we can get them at Import Designs in Hurst and we plan on buying several for my wife's siblings, my mom, mother-in-law, and one for my niece.

Henley ended the concert of course with Desperado.

Again, I think I've had it with the derelict concertgoers and all of the liberal political speech that I did not pay to hear.

Pics from a cell phone

Stray Cats

Chrissie Hyde and the Pretenders

Don Henley

Just one of the drunk couples