Eagle Creek Guest Cottages
Octavia, Oklahoma
10/20/06 - 10/22/06

Paul Ridenour

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Friday October 20

Our third Corvette road trip took us to Octavia, Oklahoma, to see the fall foliage.  It was one week after Dottie's birthday and a week before our 20th anniversary.  We left Dallas at 9:15 AM and ate lunch at the Cedar Shed in Hugo, Oklahoma.  We drove through Idabel and Broken Bow and got to our cabin about 2:30.  We stayed in the Eagle's Nest cabin which is part of the Eagle Creek Guest cottages - www.guestcottages.com.  The cabin is the closest one to the river and is $200 a night (2-night minimum) this time of year.  The cabin had a fireplace, Jacuzzi, and an outside brick grill on the patio.  The trees were peaking with the reds, yellow, and oranges.  We usually spend our time in Oklahoma in the northeast section or the Cherokee Nation but this trip was in the southeast and in the Choctaw Nation.  We must have seen at least seven historical markers mentioning Choctaws.

Saturday October 21

We drove around the area up to the Talihina Scenic Drive over to Talihina.  Hundreds of walking sticks walked across the road and most got run over.  Why would a walking stick cross the road?  I guess to get to the other side.  Also saw three tarantulas crossing the road.  Numerous motorcycle gangs passed us on the roads - some Harleys and some Honda Goldwings only.  We ate lunch at Talihina at this great little place called Treats And Treasures.  I did not realize we were so close to Wilburton.  I called my buddy Frank Williamson who lives in Wilburton but only got his voicemail.  Turns out that the biggest car show in the area was in Wilburton and we drove up there.  We could not find a place to park because it was packed.  Did not want to park the vette on the side of the road a mile or so away next to all of the trucks parked in the ditches.  We did see a Ferrari club and saw several Corvettes.  Called Frank again but no one home.  We drove back to Octavia and I cooked a t-bone for dinner. 

Sunday October 22

Checked out of the cabin and drove home.   We drove all around the Lake Broken Bow and Riverbend area.  Dottie went on a Methodist youth weekend trip at Riverbend when she was 13 but does not have fond memories of it.  Got home around 4:30 or so.  A great and relaxing weekend!  I took over 350 photographs and I think I got some really nice ones.

Eagle Creek and the Dotmeister

Eagles Nest cabin

Eagle Creek facing east

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Eagle Creek from the cabin patio - facing west