Eagle Creek Guest Cottages
Octavia, Oklahoma
06/15/07 - 06/17/07

Paul Ridenour

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Last year, I stayed at Eagle Creek Guest Cottages www.paulridenour.com/eaglecreek.htm and a couple who owns two other cabins, saw my webpage and asked if I could take pictures of their cabins.  They offered a free weekend at one of their cabins just to take pictures of both cabins, inside and out, for their webpage and brochures.  Sounds like a good deal to me since those cabins are $190 a night.  My wife and I would stay in White Oak and the other cabin was next door called Cliff Side.  The couple are the Hagers of Plano, Texas, and they decided that they would be in Cliff Side the same weekend we were there.

Friday June 15

We left Dallas about 8 AM and drove through Paris and had lunch in Hugo, OK, at Angie's Circus City Diner - circus posters and circus figurines [elephants, clowns] all over the restaurant.  We drove up 93 to see the outdoor real elephants at Carsons and Barnes.  From Hugo, one drives through Ft. Towson.  If you have time, go to the northeast corner of Ft. Towson Cemetery and walk up the stairs over the wall and visit the outdoor museum of the ghost town Doaksville, where Brig. Gen Stand Watie surrendered -www.paulridenour.com/doaksville.htm

Heading north just outside Idabel, OK, we stopped at the Museum of the Red River.  We enjoyed it as it has a large collection of Indian art including hundreds of arrowheads.  The museum has 27,000 pieces of art and artifacts, but not all on display at once.  They also have the most complete dinosaur ever found.

We arrived around 3 PM at our cabin.  I took several pictures inside and out and was finished with White Oak.  We met the Hagers as they were checking in.

Saturday June 16

Took pictures of Cliff Side early in the morning about 30 minutes and I was finished. All in all, I think my pictures turned out well and I took a bunch.

Dottie and I drove through the Winding Stair Mountains and then over to Wilhelmina Lodge near Mena, Arkansas.  We had lunch and then walked a mile trail, where we saw plenty of birds and critters.  We took the train ride and saw a rattlesnake.  We all got off the train and took pictures of the snake from three feet away.  It was a big snake!

Sunday June 17

On the way home we stopped at Eagletown, OK, where there are several historical markers for three Choctaw chiefs and a mansion.  The "mansion" is that of Choctaw Chief Jefferson Garnder (1884).  Owned by Dr. Lewis Stiles, former Oklahoma Historical Society President and board member.  We visited the Wheelock Academy, an old Choctaw academy  that is on the US endangered list of sites.  Next door was a cemetery and the oldest church in Oklahoma.

Only 100 years

Carsons and Barnes - Hugo, OK

Museum of the Red River - Over 50% original bones including full head and 70 teeth

Surprised to see my cat in the museum

White Oak

White Oak

Cliff Side deck

Cliff Side

Cliff Side bath and window

Rose in front of Cliff Side

Hager's grandson

Eagle Creek

Wilhelmina Lodge, Mena, Arkansas

One mile trail - photo by Dottie

Photo by Dottie

Five foot rattlesnake

Bird on a wire?

Wheelock Academy

Wheelock Academy "art cottage" - outdoor museum

Oldest church in Oklahoma - built and supported by Presbyterians and the local community  - completed in 1846