Fleetwood Mac

April 30, 2009
8:00 PM
American Airlines Center [AAC]
Dallas, TX

Concert Review
Paul Ridenour

I met Sarah Davis on a road trip to Mineola, Texas, with the Daniel family.  She had never heard Sara by Fleetwood Mac, Sara Smile by Hall and Oates, and Sara by Starship.   I bought her at least two of those CDs when we stopped at a Wal-Mart.  I burned the other one for her.  She ended up really liking Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.

Sara by Fleetwood Mac is one of my all time favorite songs.  I could listen to it and drive all night long.  Very few songs I could do that to.  One other one would be Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

I saw Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty and I saw her by herself but I had never seen Fleetwood Mac in concert.

When Fleetwood Mac announced they were coming to Dallas, I bought a ticket for my wife Dot and I and also one for Sarah.  My wife has had some health issues this year and if she could not attend the concert, I figured Sarah could invite her mother.

When it came time for the concert, Dot could not go and neither could Sarah's mom.  I told Sarah to invite anyone she wants including her boyfriend but she invited Aubrie Nelson who was attending the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. 

Aubrie came in from school and picked up Sarah and they met me at El Fenix in downtown Dallas for dinner.  I thought that Aubrie was a very smart girl and we talked about North Texas, as I graduated from there.  The dinner was very good.  Sarah had never had sour cream chicken enchiladas so I ordered one for her after she had already ordered something else.  She loved it.  She would text me a few days later asking me what I ordered for her.

Aubrie only knew a few hits by Fleetwood Mac but Sarah knew them all.

What a great show!  They sang just about everything.  I never realized how talented Lindsey Buckingham was on the guitar.  He also wrote some great songs.  But Stevie Nicks is who I came to see.  When she sang Landslide, it was a bit emotional.  I was 15 years old when that song came out.  When I was in 9th grade [1975], I went to a Bryan Adams High School talent show and a young Andrea Dixon [BA Grad 1977] sang Landslide and it blew me away.  She was perfect.  I was so impressed and thought that she was a senior at the time.  I never forgot her name and I found her on Facebook this year and was able to tell her 34 years later how much I enjoyed her singing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f46rv5EWbAU [Dixie Chicks almost ruined this song for me]

And when Stevie sang Sara, wow!  Shocking to finally hear it live.  My favorite Fleetwood Mac lyrics and melody are towards the end of Sara and they are "But now it's gone, no, it doesn't matter anymore.  When you build your house, I’ll come by."

Dreams was also great and Gold Dust Woman was amazing.   Then of course, there is Rhiannon and Gypsy - "she was just a wish, she was just, a wish."  I always thought it was "she was just a witch," I mean, Rhiannon was a witch, wasn't she?  And their music copyright is "WELSH WITCH MUSIC."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soioqrYorq4  [Neat video - always loved the part where Mick is rubbing his nose]

Stevie sang one of her many solo hits - Stand Back.

The Bill Clinton presidential campaign ruined the song Don't Stop for me.

Sarah was really liking the concert.  Aubrie liked the songs she recognized.

The only disappointment for me was that Christine McVie was not with them.  Her songs are some of my favorites - Everywhere, Little Lies, Over My Head, As Long As You Follow, and You Make Loving Fun.

I was told that this concert was much better than the concert they did in Dallas in the 1990s.  I am so glad I finally saw them and glad I invited Sarah.

Sarah [red hair] buying a T-shirt with Aubrie behind her


Monday Morning (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
The Chain (from Rumours, 1977)
Dreams (from Rumours, 1977)
I Know I'm Not Wrong (from Tusk, 1979)
Gypsy (from Mirage, 1982)
Go Insane (from Lindsey’s Go Insane, 1984)
Rhiannon (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
Second Hand News (from Rumours, 1977)
Tusk (from Tusk, 1979)
Sara (from Tusk, 1979)
Big Love (from Tango In the Night, 1987)
Landslide (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
Never Going Back Again (from Rumours, 1977)
Storms (from Tusk, 1979)
Say You Love Me (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
Gold Dust Woman (from Rumours, 1977)
Oh Well (from Then Play On, 1969)
I'm So Afraid (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
Stand Back (from Stevie’s The Wild Heart, 1983)
Go Your Own Way (from Rumours, 1977)
World Turning (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
Don't Stop (from Rumours, 1977)
Silver Springs (Rumours outtake)