Ft. Gibson
[and a Wedding in Muskogee]
Muskogee, OK

June 27-28, 2009

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Charles A. Steger has been wanting to take me to Ft. Gibson and the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery.  I was invited to a wedding in Muskogee so I decided that Charles and I would take a road trip and go to the wedding.  My wife was staying with her mother for several days.

Saturday June 27

We met at 8 AM at the Paris Regional Medical Center in Paris, Texas, and I left my car. He drove us to Muskogee. We got there about 11 AM. Not hungry yet, we decided to go to Three Rivers Museum. Charles told me that Sue Tolbert is the curator.  I met her in 2002 when we surveyed the Woodall Cemetery near Warner, OK. www.paulridenour.com/woodall.htm.  Sue was off work so I left her a note.

Still not hungry, we went to the Greenhill Cemetery.  Author Grant Foreman is buried there and some Boudinots [my wife's family], including Sarah Boudinot Cleveland, Margaret Boudinot Denton, Helen Boudinot Lofton, William Lawrence Boudinot, and Harold Elias Boudinot.  Also buried here is Francis Hagerty Berry, the daughter of Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins Hagerty, who is the daughter of Creek Chief William McIntosh.

Then we went out to Ft. Gibson. We toured the fort after purchasing some books at their excellent bookstore. I had most of their books already. Charles took me to the Cherokee National Cemetery [CNC] next. I did not know there was one. I saw relatives of my wife's family including the Mayo and Meigs/Boudinot families - Elinor Boudinot Meigs, Annie Stapler Meigs, Carrie Meigs Linder, Margaret Linder McKee, and John H. Meigs.

Lots of well-known Cherokee families buried at CNC including Vann, Nash, Ross, Cherokee Chief William P. Ross, Thompson, Mayfield, Rogers, Bell, Adair, Bushyhead, Quesinberry, Watkins, Starr, Drew, Autry, etc.  I have several photos of graves so email me if you are looking for someone in particular.

It was very hot and I forgot to wear my cap.

I had to wear my cap when we were at the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery. Charles knew who was buried there that I would be interested in - Sam Houston's wife Talahina R. Houston?

Found graves for Paschal, Ridenour, Watkins, Rosser.  We tried to find George Paschal's grave which was located in Section 4 2496-B.  We looked all over Section 4 and it was unorganized.  Grave 2445 was next to 2500 and we found 2477 in row 8 or 9.  I was a little mad that we could not find it because I think George may be one of my wife's ancestors.

Charles took me by the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] building. Jack Baker once said "Only two curse words in the Cherokee language - Andrew Jackson and the BIA."

We were finished with everything we wanted to do and arrived at the Golden Corral around 3 PM.

We checked into our hotel about 4:30. Very few rooms were available and we had to take a smoking room, The room was not cleaned until after we checked in. It finally got cold in the room as we dressed for the wedding. We left at 5:30 and drove 10 minutes to First Baptist Church.

Jeff Robinson was getting married and he is the oldest son of Kim Whitten. I have known Kim since age five from church and school.

I took a few photos at the wedding.

Jeff and his new wife played baseball and softball, respectively, so the reception included a baseball cake, hotdogs, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks.

After the reception, Charles and I went back to the hotel and changed. Charles decided to call it a night as I went out to the casino and lost $10. I went back to the reception which ended close to 11 PM.  Kim and her husband asked me over to their hotel for frozen margaritas.

Three Rivers Museum

Creek Poet Alex Posey, Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee
He drowned in the Eufaula River

Author Grant Foreman's grave - Greenhill Cemetery

Ft. Gibson

I have almost all of these books but I did buy a couple more

Ft. Gibson - original buildings

Ft. Gibson - a reproduction

Ft. Gibson bar

Cherokee National Cemetery, Ft. Gibson, OK

Elinor Boudinot Meigs

Annie Stapler Meigs

Principal Cherokee Chief William P. Ross, brother of Principal Chief John Ross

Cherokee America Rogers - that's neat!

Ft. Gibson National Cemetery

Talahina R. Houston, Cherokee wife of Gen. Sam Houston

Creek-Pawnee artist Acee Blue Eagle

My wife has Paschal's in her family and there is a George Paschal buried here in Section 4 2469-B.  We never found it.
The section had a lot of numbers out of place.

Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA]

Why so many guitars in Muskogee? "I'm an Okie from Muskogee"

Grant Foreman's home

The Jeff Robinson - Crystal Clay Wedding, First Baptist Church, Muskogee

For more wedding pictures - www.paulridenour.com/robinson.htm

Monkey caught in a Cracker Jack box

Sunday June 28

Charles and I headed home. He took me by the Fame Cemetery which is at Lake Eufaula. He is an expert on the McIntosh family and he took me to Daniel N. McIntosh's grave. Also believed to the buried there is Daniel's sister Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins Hagerty.  You can read all about the McIntosh family at www.paulridenour.com/mcintosh.htm. Others buried in Fame include Jimmie McIntosh, Spire H. McIntosh, Rebecca C. Scott Whaley, Zolena McIntosh, and Emmerson McIntosh, son of Daniel N. McIntosh.

Charles has a friend who thinks I could be an axe-murderer.  He always wants Charles to call him to make sure he is safe.  The area around Fame Cemetery would be a good place if I wanted to do him in.

Fame Cemetery at Lake Eufaula

Daniel N. McIntosh's grave - a Creek Indian

Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins Hagerty's marker - placed by Charles

Fame Cemetery here at Lake Eufaula is a great place for me to dispose of the body of Charles A. Steger

The Blackberry was good [Plains Coreopsis or coreopsis tinctoria]
Four miles west of Eufaula OK and south of State Highway 9

Charles taking a photo of an ant

Signs like this were built all over Texas for the Centennial in 1836 - not many left today

Charles pointing to his hometown of Atlanta, Texas


When I got home, I called Ft. Gibson National Cemetery and they sent me a photo of George Paschal's grave.  It is located close to the road in Section 4 near Section 8.

Sgt. George Paschal - Spanish American War
9/8/1878 - 3/14/1949
Section 4 2496-B