Sean Hannity's
Freedom Tour

Grand Prairie, Texas
7 PM

I didnít go to see the bands, I wanted to see all of my favorite radio guys and some of the politicians.

I once went to the Dallas Convention Center back in 1992 and took my Russian friend Sergei.  He had only been in America a short while but was quite surprised when President George Bush and the First Lady spoke briefly at this pro-family rally.

Hannity's Freedom Tour in Dallas had local WBAP 820 radio guys Hal Jay and Mark Davis warm up the crowd.  One can usually see Mark Davis in the audience at rock concerts.  Mark gave us good news that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and now going to be carried live in Monday instead of an hour behind.  Mark would join Hal Jay and the gang during the 8 O'clock hour instead of his normal 9 AM timeslot.

The concert is to benefit the children of our fallen soldiers to help pay for their college education.

Sean Hannity came out to open the show officially.  Mitt Romney spoke first.

Dr. Mark Levin then spoke and said "There are a lot of media folks here tonight.  I want you all to know that the way you have covered the war, you are all a**holes."

Other speakers included Col. Oliver North who introduced family members to four soldiers in Iraq via a large live satellite monitor.

This was a much better crowd than the Don Henley concert.