Il Divo

Dallas, TX
07:30 PM

Carlos, Sebastian, David, and Urs

Concert Review by Paul Ridenour

Seeing Sheryl Crow in concert the night before, I knew this would be a different crowd and show altogether.  The audience were mainly women, some middle aged, numerous were older, and more than one homosexual.  We were surrounded by eight grandmothers.  I was there because I appreciate great singing and harmony.

Il Divo is four guys from America (David Miller), France (Sebastian Izambard), Spain (Carlos Martin), and Switzerland (Urs Buhler).  They were put together by Simon Cowell and their first two CDs hit #1.  Their 3rd CD is coming out next week.

The opening act was Katie Melua from England and she sounded like Norah Jones.  She was very good.  I guess I am going have to buy her CD.

I cannot believe they played some Joe Satriani tunes from his new CD "Super Colossal" before Il Divo performed.  The older women liked Joe's music.

Il Divo came out at 09:10 PM.  The crowd went crazy.  Every time one of the guys would sing, they would scream as if it were the Beatles.  Every time one walked close to the end of the stage, the women would scream.

These guys really know how to turn on the charm and romance. 

Carlos said "Lots of lovely ladies here tonight.  How many speak Spanish?  How many want private lessons?"  The crowd went nuts.

The orchestra was very good especially the classical guitar player.  I could have listened to him all night.  The lead guitar player sounded like David Gilmore of Pink Floyd a couple of times with the help of the band and orchestra.

During one song, the guys sat on the end of the stage and the women lined up just to touch them, give them flowers, or get an autograph.  I had never seen anything like it.

Urs was given a teddy bear and he said "My name in Switzerland means bear and I want to thank you again."

They thanked all of the Mother's in the audience which got another huge applause and then they sang "Mama."

Celine Dion was not there to sing on "I Believe In You" so David sang her part.

Their new CD comes out on June 27th.

All in all, a very good concert.

Dallas Set List (Play List) - not complete

All By Myself (Solo Otra Vez)
Live And Let Die (David Miller played electric guitar on the instrumental with the orchestra and band)
I Believe In You
Unchained Melody (Senza Catene)
Every Time I Look At You
There's A Place For us


My Way (A Mi Manera)

An older crowd

Dottie Ridenour

A grandma waving her cane

Sitting on the edge of stage with hundreds of women in line