Jefferson, Texas

A Day in Jefferson with Paris, Nicole, and Ashlee

June 13, 2007

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Paul Ridenour

Teresa Little who is now Teresa Daniel is a ghost chaser and we decided to go to Jefferson to check out the two haunted hotels - Excelsior Hotel and the Jefferson Hotel.  She brought her two daughters Paige and Melanie and their friend Sarah.

I showed them a couple of old plantations in the area - the Falonah Plantation [Drew Cemetery] and the Refuge Plantation - www.paulridenour.com/mcintosh.htm

Paige found something in the dirt in the area of the old house at the Refuge Plantation.  She thought it was plastic at first and then as she starting digging it out of the dirt, it looked like a wheel of a skateboard.  It turned out to be an incredible find - a porcelain doorknob.

These three girls were hysterically hilarious.  It was if we were on a road trip with Paris and Nicole and Ashlee Simpson. They would talk, laugh, get quiet, get hungry, sleep, laugh, talk, laugh, did I mention talk?  Sarah is an awesome photographer for her age.  She has some really good ideas when she takes photos.  Melanie is the subject in many of her photos and they are all good.

We ran into some ghost chasers at the Jefferson Hotel who had a Polaroid.  Apparently ghosts prefer Polaroid's over other cameras.  I took plenty of pictures with my digital camera and did not get anything.  One of the girls got a key to the haunted room 19 and we did catch some images on several Polaroid's.  We kept seeing an image at the foot of the bed in the Polaroid's.   "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods" by Mitchel Whitington discuses people's experience with ghosts in Rooms 1, 5, 7, 12, 14, 17, 19, between 20 and 21, and 25.

We also visited Oakwood Cemetery where the local town prostitute is buried - "Diamond Bessie Moore."  She was most likely shot in the head by her husband Abraham Rothchild.

On the way home we stopped by Mel's boyfriend Chris in Wills Point.  We got home late!

It was a great trip and the girls made it a lot of fun.

Paris, Ashlee, and Nicole

Drew Cemetery, Falonah Plantation [Paige and Mel]

Woody Woodpecker

China and a porcelain doorknob found in the red dirt from the house at the Refuge Plantation [The house was built in 1849 and collapsed for good in 1920]

Ghost in room 19 of the Jefferson Hotel?

Polaroid - Orb on the bottom right in room 19?

Polaroid - What is this at the bottom middle left?  It appeared only on the Polaroid's and always at the foot of the bed.

The haunted Excelsior Hotel

That's hot!


Oakwood Cemetery

Girls Gone Wild on a Gravestone

You might as well jump

Haywood you pose for me?

Sarah - "when you build your house, I'll come by"

Illegal in 48 states

Christopher of Myspace