Lone Star Park
Grand Prairie, Texas

"The horses are ready, are you?"

Alysheba Stakes
June 30, 2007

Webpage by
Paul Ridenour

Cherokee Wind (Paducah, Kentucky)
Adair Farm Inc. (near Broken Arrow, OK)
Trainer - Joe Lucas
Breeder - Kim Nardelli and Rodney Nardelli
113 Pound, Three Year Old Colt

The Dallas Metroplex has a lot of great venues:

American Airlines Center [Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, concerts, rodeos]
The Ballpark in Arlington [Texas Rangers]
Nokia Theatre [concerts]
Lone Star Park [horse racing]
Dallas Cowboys' new stadium [coming 2008]

My wife and I have always wanted to go to the horse races.  Lone Star Park is a great looking facility from the road in Grand Prairie and is 10 years old.  I received an email a couple of days ago from Alex Adair.  The Adairs are a very large, well-known, and well-documented Cherokee family.  You may have heard of Adair, Oklahoma.  He told us that his horse Cherokee Wind is racing at Lone Star Park and that we could watch it on TV or go to the race.  We decided that this was the perfect time to go to Lone Star Park.

We arrived around 2:30.  I thought is was great that parking was only $2 and general admission was only $3 a person.  I was already hooked.  We saw Race #4 and then looked around the facility and went to the gift shop.  We learned about the betting process and put $6 on Race #9 and Cherokee Wind to either win, place, or show.  Cherokee Wind's odds were 12/1.

On Race #7, first-timer Kevin Turner or "KT" put $5 on Trade Zone and it won.  He was excited.  KT won $32.  Bobby J. Walker, Jr., was on Trade Zone and Bobby won on three horses today. 

I met a guy who convinced me to put $6 on a horse on Race #8 to either win, place, or show.  The horse won and I won $21.80.  He also told me that Cherokee Wind's jockey Richard E. Eramia was a very good one.

It rained right as Race #9 was about the begin at 5:19 PM and then the rain stopped.  Cherokee Wind was in third place most of the race but fell to last place.  We found out later from Alex in an email that Cherokee Wind had an abscess and bruise on his left front hoof.

All in all this was a very inexpensive way to have a really good time.  Thanks Alex!  Look forward to seeing Cherokee Wind race again.

Lone Star Park

Win, Place, Show


KT won

Cherokee Wind

Cherokee Wind's jockey Richard E. Eramia

And they're off...

Cherokee Wind was 3rd place most of the race

The frustrated Richard E. Eramia said "The horse was not running today."