Stevie Nicks

Dallas, TX
08:00 PM

Concert Review by Paul Ridenour

Loved Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s but never bought much of their music until later on.  Landslide has always been one of my favorite songs.  When I was in college, the album Tusk came out and it had a song on it that I can listen to over and over and over again - Sara.

Stevie Nicks came out during the Tom Petty concert and sang her duet with him and several other songs.  She looked great and she sounded great.  Therefore, getting a chance to see just her in concert was something I wanted to do.  I have never seen Fleetwood Mac in concert and I won't until they are all together with both Stevie Nicks and Christine McVee.

Chris Isaak opened the show and he was a great voice.  He can do all of those old songs and Elvis as well as anyone.  His big hit of course was Wicked Games.  One of his better songs of the night was when he sang Cheap Tricks' I Want You To Want Me.  He also sang a Roy Orbison song. Chris tried to be funny/dirty before one of his songs and I thought he came off as a dork.

Stevie came out and started with Stand Back.  She talked a lot about her first solo album Bella Donna.  She said "If it was not successful, Fleetwood Mac would be pissed.  If it was successful, Fleetwood Mac would be pissed."  It was successful of course with two duets including Don Henley and Tom Petty and hits If Anyone Falls and Edge of Seventeen.

She did not sing Sara, but she did sing Landslide.  A video was showing during the song with pictures of her and her family growing up and pictures of her in Fleetwood Mac and during those 1980 Bella Donna years.  If she would have sang both songs, I would have passed out.

She also sang some old Fleetwood Mac songs including the witch of Whales Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman.

One song I really enjoyed was Beauty and The Beast.