Cherokee Nation and Creek Nation, Oklahoma
10/26/06 - 10/28/06

Paul Ridenour

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Thursday October 26

Friday October 27

Saturday October 28

Charles Steger at Elias Boudinot's grave, Worcester Cemetery, Park Hill, OK (OHS)

Road from Elias' grave to the Murrell House in Park Hill, OK

Near John Ross' grave, Park Hill, OK

Tahlequah Cemetery - graves of Chief Dennis Wolfe Bushyhead, George Lowery and wife, Nancy Ridge Fite, and the Col. William Penn Adair memorial under the these trees

Bush of Elias Boudinot at the Cherokee Heritage Center, Park Hill, OK

Courthouse in downtown Tahlequah

Charles Steger at Stand Watie's historical marker - Polson Cemetery

Nancy Brown - a Major Ridge descendant via the Polson family

Honey Creek - Major Ridge had a home north of this river near Polson Cemetery

Illinois River

Charles A. Steger at the Illinois River

The Mestizoes (mixed blood Creeks/first settlers) with rifle and book for education (surviving the new civilization) - downtown Checotah, OK

"And now comes the wolf" [Yahvalane - coyote or yellow wolf/also survivors]

Daniel McIntosh (Daniel "Dode" McIntosh) grave - Green Lawn Cemetery, Checotah, OK

Honey Springs Battlefield - Rentiesville, OK


Grave of Delilah McIntosh Drew - McIntosh Cemetery/Combs Cemetery [Combs-McIntosh Cemetery) - Honey Springs

Grave found and marker installed by Charles Steger

Col. William Bell Adair and Col. James Madison Bell

Near Talbert Museum in Colcord - could be "Redneck Yard of the Month"

Katy Cafe in downtown Checotah