Joe Satriani

House of Blues
Dallas, TX
07:30 PM

What I think about Joe Satriani

A Short Concert Review by Paul Ridenour email

Satch's longtime drummer Jeff Campetilli on drums and Stu Hamm on bass.


Set List:

1. I Just Wanna Rock
2. Overdriver
3. Satch Boogie
4. Ice 9
5. Flyin' In A Blue Dream
6. Ghosts
7. Revelation
8. Super Colossal
9. One Big Rush
10. Musterion
11. Time Machine
12. Cool #9
13. Bass Solo [Stu played the melody on Led Zeppelin's "Going to California"]
14. Andalusia
15. Always With Me, Always With You
16. Surfing With The Alien


17. Crowd Chant
18. Summer Song
19. Extended jam out with
Leslie West of Mountain.