The Seago Family Reunion
Seagoville, Texas

10/04/07 - 10/07/2007

By Paul Ridenour

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Seago Family - England Crest [Crest provided by Fred Sego]

There are many Seago's in England including Edward Seago who taught Prince Charles how to paint.  There is also a Seago Parish.  Oral tradition has the Seago family coming from Alsace, Lorraine, France/Germany.

The Seago family has an annual reunion and this year was the first time they met in Seagoville, Texas.  Seagoville was founded by Tillman Kimsey Seago.

The oldest known Seago is John Seago born 1715 who married Margaret Birmingham at St. Luke's Parish in Church Hill, Queen Anne's County, Maryland, in 1740.  I descend from their son William Crane Seago:

William Crane Seago (married Mary Dunham)
son William Seago (married
Rebecca Cartledge)
son William Seago (married
Elizabeth Netherlin)
youngest daughter Caroline Ellen Seago who married Frank Glausier, my third great grandparents
daughter Emma Leona Glausier (married Charles Augusta Smith)
daughter Mamie Pearl Smith (married Julian A. Singleton - the Dallas Singleton family of Singleton Blvd.)
daughter Laura Belle Singleton (married Hugh Stanley Ridenour)
son Robert Ridenour (married Mary Alice Joines) - my parents

Seagoville is named after a descendant of John and Margaret Birmingham Seago through their son Robert Seago:

Robert Seago (married Dorcas Ellender Whorton in SC)
son Benjamin Whorton Seago (married Sarah Morgan in SC)
son Isaac L. Seago (married Sarah Lucinda Garrett in SC - buried in Lee Cemetery in Seagoville)
son Tillman Kimsey Seago who married Matilda Elvira Davenport in Linden, Cass County, Texas, in 1855.  Tillman moved to Texas in 1851 and was the founder of Seago, Texas, in 1879.  He worked as a postmaster.  The US Post Office changed the named in 1910 to Seagoville because there was already a Sego, Texas.  Tillman Kimsey Seago moved to Comanche County in 1887 and purchased 400 acres of farmland and he died in that county.  Kind of a small world - my great grandmother Ella Barbee was born in 1879 in Hughes Springs, Cass County.

The Seago family has two documents dated 1665 and 1667 and they list a John Seygoe in the Province of Maryland.  John Seygoe could be the grandfather of John Seago or maybe his father, but only if he had a very young wife.

With my wife and father, looks like there were 44 people attending the Seago Family reunion.  I was told it was one of the better reunions and they are coming back to Seagoville in 2008 and going to Maryland in 2009.

I was surprised when someone at the reunion said I had the Seago eyes.

Tillman Kimsey Seago - founder of Seagoville, TX [Photo in Seagoville City Hall]

Seago family members at city hall

Photo provided by Fred Sego

Seagoville Flag - flags can be purchased for around $375

Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling - US House October 3, 2007

Proclamation by Seagoville Mayor Sidney M. Sexton, Jr. - City Hall

Seagoville police and fire department badges

Lee Cemetery - Seagoville, TX

Myrtle May Seago and Alvin Seago (A. K. Seago)

Eli Milton Seago and Edner Earl Seago

Gordon W. Seago and Velma H. Seago

Gordon W. Seago

Elise M. Berry

Sarah Lucinda Garrett Seago - wife of Isaac L. Seago

Robert Seago, Jack Pittman, and Scherry Chapman

Jack Pittman and Scherry Chapman

Ellen Seago on left

Dennis Seago at far left (William Crane Seago line)

My father Robert Ridenour on the left

Burgers and Wings - Seagoville, TX

Seago's at lunch at Burgers and Wings

Robert Seago and Millie Mason (William Crane Seago line)

Fred Sego on left

Pat Dunn and Scherry Seago Chapman

Charlie Miller telling the story of the Seago family from John Seago to Tillman Seago at the 4 PM genealogy meeting [Best Western - Seagoville]

Seago family reunion embroidered tablecloth

Crandall Cotton Gin, Crandall, Texas - lots of eating here


Patrick Henry Seago - his mother was the niece of Patrick Henry [Photo provided by Fred Sego]

St. Luke's Parish, Church Hill, Queens Anne's County, MD, where John Seago and Margaret Birmingham were married in 1740.  The church at the time was Anglican and now it is Episcopal [Photo provided by Fred Sego].  John and Margaret Seago are buried outside Canton, Georgia.

St. Luke's Episcopal Parish historical marker [Paper picture provided by Fred Sego] - church built at the cost of 140,000 pounds of tobacco

"Birmingham's Fortune" - Land of John and Margaret Birmingham Seago [Photo provide by Scherry Seago Chapman]

Dirt from "Birmingham's Fortune"

Billy Gene Seago, sitting on the bench to the right, was shot down over China during WWII [Photo provided by Scherry Seago Chapman].  Billy was in the Flying Tigers.  Ellen McKinnon, wife of my high school friend Mark McKinnon, was the first female in the Flying Tigers and she was in the Gulf War in 1991.