Roger Waters
Dallas, TX

Concert Review by Paul Ridenour


I am a big fan of Pink Floyd.  I saw them in Texas Stadium in 1994 for their "Division Bell" tour. I have seen Roger Waters twice in the 2000s in Dallas.  Roger is a bit political and last time he was in town, he praised Obama and criticized Bush and Cheney.  I wish these people would leave their politics out of the concerts and just "shut up and sing."

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to see "The Wall" in Dallas.

The concert was fantastic.  The sound was great even though we were in the nosebleed section of 310.  The show was like watching a movie.

The Wall is very anti-war and anti-government and anti-capitalism.  It is about early Pink Floyd member Sid Barrett who lost his dad during WWII and he never got over it.  He would end up in an insane asylum.  He died a few years ago.

During one song, the bombers are dropping red crosses [Americans], red hammer/sickles, red Star of David's, red crescent moons, red US dollar signs [$], red Shell Oil symbols, and red Mercedes Benz symbols.  They symbolized the lost lives during the war and that war is all about money and war profiteers.  I didn't see any red swastikas.  I guess Roger Waters forgot that Germany bombed London and that America set them free.  I am sure now that Roger likes all of that money he has gotten from free market capitalism of his records and concerts.

You know the set list already so I will not list it here.

Calvin Ridenour on right turned 16 and this was his birthday present

The Wall before the concert

The Schoolmaster

We don't need no education

Notice the prison wall and then the smokestacks from the "Animals" album cover, and the floating pig

I need a dirty woman

All these all of your guitars?

Vera, Vera, what has become of you?

The Wife

Smashing of his guitars and TV.  Obama was on the TV when it was smashed for the second time.

The TV screen is now completely smashed

Intermission - The Wall had photos of Americans who lost their lives in WWII

"Hey You" from now behind the wall

Is there anybody out there?

Now the audience is inside the wall and Roger is "Comfortably Numb"

Getting ready to go to court and be told to tear down the wall

The floating pig says "TRUST US"